expand your business

Your brand.. Your customer.

point of sale

Win-Win for you & your customer.


Most relevant ones. Simplest form. Better usability.

For You


menu setup

Setup your restaurant menu in minutes, from simple to complex combinations. Anytime and anywhere.


no transaction fee

We do not charge any additional or hidden fees, we want to help you grow your business


save time on phone

Your online presence reduces your phone time with customers - an instant boost to your productivity.


easy printing

Integrate with ease to most economic printers in the market, print directly to the kitchen

For your Customers


browse menu

Easy to browse and select their choice with all required information


select food

Meal can be as-is or customized and added to the cart with ease


place order

Placing order is painless, your customer will be amazed with the most appropriate details of their order


pay & pickup at store

Being able to make cash payment at the store, avoids unnecessary hassle of sharing credit card details

About Us

We have great passion for Small Businesses, and make every attempt to support them. Small businesses are the life line of any community. They should thrive in their region for the welfare of the community. We are proud to introduce Meal Pickup (for your restaurant), that would enable you to promote your business better and reach more customers easily.

Our focus is to highlight your brand directly to your customers. Your customer's trust will automatically nurture your business growth.

Contact Us

Reach-out to us with any questions, or for a better understanding of our offering

2 Garrybrook Dr
Toronto, Ontario M1W1Y7

+1 (647) 408 6574

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